The wonder of pawpaw fruit

Pawpaw is a sweet tasty fruit which comes in dif­ferent sizes and contains soft, easily digestible flesh with a good amount of soluble die­tary fiber (4.7grams) and wa­ter content which helps prevent constipation, ease bowel move­ment and promotes a healthy di­gestive tract.

It has approximately 120 calo­ries, 30 grams of carbohydrates and 2 grams of protein. They are a good source of foliate, magne­sium, pantothenic acid, vitamins A, B, C and K, copper, calcium, fiber and beta carotene, but low in calories and sodium. This wide variety of benefits make pawpaw wonderful altogether.

Pawpaw is rich in chymopain enzymes that break down pro­tein into amino acids which is responsible for all what hap­pens in our mental and physical health. In fact, we are advised to eat pawpaw after meals for bet­ter digestion, to prevent bloating and indigestion.

That’s why it’s a total fruit that deals with our overall eating pat­tern and most importantly, pre­vents diseases and achieves good health.

Studies even suggest we in­crease the consumption of plant foods like pawpaw because they help to promote healthy com­plexion and hair. Besides, they increase energy but reduce body weight and decrease the risk of obesity, diabetics, heart disease and overall, mortality. It has long been associated with reducing the risk of many lifestyle-relat­ed health conditions.

Research has shown that a higher intake of all fruits reduc­es the risk of age-related macu­lar degeneration. But the anti­oxidants found in pawpaw filter harmful blue light rays and play a protective role in the eye and ward-off damages. It also has be­ta-carotene that reduces the risk of asthma and on the other hand boosts the immune system.

Pawpaw has vitamin K that helps reduce the risk of bone fracture by modifying the bone matrix protein, improving calci­um absorption and may also re­duce urinary excretion of calci­um. It also contains vitamin A which is great for the hair and growth of other body tissues.

It is an excellent source of vi­tamin C and one fruit which provides about 224 percent of your daily need which is more than that of orange or lemon. It is good for the skin and healing of external wounds. It can also be used to prevent infection on burned areas of the skin. In oth­er words, it can be used as oint­ment to treat decubitus ulcers or bedsores.

Pawpaw has powerful antiox­idant beta-carotene that plays a protective role against prostate cancer; this makes it necessary for young men. Besides this, it fights colon cancer. It also lowers blood glucose level, this makes it safe for people with diabetes type 1 and 2.

Its seeds are not left out, they are actually edible but have a bit­ter-peppery taste. They are prov­en to have natural remedy for treating stomach upsets, ring­worm infections and some oth­er aliments in traditional homes.

The leaves are also used in traditional homes to treat some health conditions like fever and tooth aches. They can also be lo­cally used as scourging powder to wash utensils and aluminum surfaces.

Consumption of pawpaw

Pluck, if you have, or buy slightly ripe pawpaw without bruises. Wash in running water, peel off the outer skin and re­move the black seeds in the cen­tre hollow of the fruit then cut into cubes and serve. It can also be added to fruit salad or used as wedge or better still as pawpaw juice that can be taken or eaten any time of the day. Some people prefer slightly ripe pawpaw that is crumpy in the mouth and so they throw away the over-riped one not knowing that it can be used to make pawpaw jam and eaten with bread.

Fruit jam is much better than the conventional fat spread (but­ter).

NOTE: Pawpaw has white la­tex that makes it not safe for peo­ple with latex allergy thus may be allergic to pawpaw as well.

How to prepare pawpaw jam

Get a very ripe pawpaw fruit and blend to fine. Ginger is op­tional, cut and blend (small quantity, please). Heat your fry­ing pan without oil or water. Pour the blended pawpaw into the hot frying pan and stir so that it does not stick to the pot. Add your blended ginger and keep stirring until it is elastic like well-prepared pap. Add sugar (if you desire) and mix again. Don’t stop until it has turned orange-brown. Allow to cool before us­ing with bread.


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