2019: Why Rt. Hon. Ugonna Ozurigbo Should Go


by: Kelechi Uzomah  

The Deputy Speaker of the Imo State House of Assembly and member representing the good people of Nwangele State Constituency, Rt. Hon. Ugonna Ozurigbo, has shown uncommon love for his constituency through his legislative impact, in the state Assembly since 2011 till date. 

The astute politician and philanthropist has proved against all odds that he is not a bench warmer in the State House of Assembly through his vibrant contributions, people oriented bills and motions he has sponsored since the period he got to the State House as the honourable member of his constituency. It is important to state here that the functions of a state legislator are boldly enshrined in 1999 constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria (as amended). Section 4 (7) stipulates the functions of state legislators as follows: 

The House of Assembly of a state shall have powers to make laws for the peace, order and good governance of a state. Rt. Hon. Ozurigbo has exceedingly performed these constitutional duties with ease and dexterity to the admiration of members of his constituency.

Ozurigbo has presented the following bills for laws meant for the betterment of his constituents and good governance of Imo State. It is on record that the vibrant lawmaker representing the good people of Nwangele State constituency passed a bill to establish a health care development agency, a bill to repeal and re-enact the Imo State Council for research codification and restoration of Traditional Medicine, a bill for law to prohibit monetary transactions on babies through baby factory operations and every other arrangement by which babies are illegally transacted on, a bill for law for the establishment of colleges of nursing, midwifery and allied disciplines by voluntary agencies in Imo State, a bill for a law to amend the Imo State Local Government administration.

Other bills equally presented by the Deputy Speaker of the Imo State House of Assembly are; a bill for a law to enact the Imo State Public order (prohibition of Ghost Workers, Syndrome), a bill for  law to establish the Imo State Neighbourhood bureau, a bill to establish the Imo State institute of post midwifery and other bills too numerous to mention. 

It is worthy to mention that Hon. Ugonna Ozurigbo co-sponsored the followings bills, A bill to regulate the consumption of unregistered local gin and other bitters in Imo State, a bill to regulate the informal sector revenue generation in Imo State, a bill to regulate the financial management of Imo State Government and local governments in the state, a bill to establish the Imo State multi door court House, a bill to prohibit extortion of land developers, contractors of land site and operators of business premises, a bill to regulate the rights and obligations under tenancy agreements and relationship between landlord and tenants. 

The business man turned politician has also moved about 27 motions which includes a motion for the merging of Isu Girls and Boys to enable the Police College at Isu to take off, a motion for the reversal of government decision to move the school of health out of Amaigbo amongst others and these bills are on record and verifiable for any individual or group to who wishes to confirm the authenticity of their existence. 

From the above bills and motions one did notice than Rt. Hon. Ozurigbo has a human face. The few bills reeled out define his personality as a humanitarian. It can be noticed that the bills and motions touch on sensitive health issues and action on human right preservations.

Having taken my time to present some of the bills and motions sponsored by the Deputy Speaker of the Imo State House of Assembly and member, representing the good people of Nwangele State Constituency, then, I will move into the empowerment programmes of Rt. Hon. Ugonna Ozuruigbo to his constituents for better understanding of my subject matter; 2019: A time to reciprocate OZB’s uncommon transformation and love for constituents. 

The evidence is there for all to see that OZB has built houses for more than 10 people in Nwangele State Constituency, OZB has bought more than 2000 motorcycles for Nwangele people, 2000 keke to youths of his constituents, organized extra moral classes for Nwangele students who registered for WAEC and NECO with is personal money. 

His passion and love for his people made OZB to build from foundation to completion the Abba Health Centre Staff quarters with his personal money. It is clear that OZB is not occupying any government executive position where contracts are awarded and resources allocated but he has through his personal savings and earnings done most of these projects; donated foams and drugs to Abba Health centre, paid 4 years working medical bills of all Abba women that delivered their children at the Abba Health Centre, assisted churches in Nwangele State Constituency to activate their building construction works, financially empowered over 40 constituency members in their area of chosen trade and has helped a few source a living outside the shores of Nigeria, and has supported town unions in Nwangele State Constituency in their town hall building and launchings. 

It is imperative to start here that all the bills and motions, including the constituency projects are human oriented in the sense that the deputy speaker of the Imo State House of Assembly has creditably and efficiently discharged his constitutional duties without leaving any area untouched. This is because the Honourable representing Nwangle State Constituency understood his primary function as a lawmaker is to make laws for the peace and good governance of both his state constituency and Imo State at Large. 

The Deputy Speaker of the Imo State House of Assembly is a GOLDEN fish that has no hiding place and this can be attested to the fact that he has been able to change the face of the office the Deputy Speaker with his vision and people oriented bills and motions since his assumption of office. No wonder he has always been described by both friends and foes as the best law maker in the history of Nwangele.

I make bold to note here that I am not from Nwangele Local Government but from Anara in Isiala Mbano Local Government Area, however, should not be seen as a praise singer but I have taken my time to do a critical appraisal of Rt. Hon. Ugonna Ozurigbo since he came on board in 2011 till date.

Me thinks that in 2019, the good people of Nwangele State Constituency should encourage this bearer of uncommon love and unmatchable humility to think Abuja in order to replicate his historical achievements across the Federal Constituency by taking a seat at the National Assembly. It is also important to send the Umozu born politician to the National Assembly because having understood the political terrain and political mechanism of the state, the people of Isu, Njaba, Nkwerre and Nwangele will find in Rt. Hon. Ugonna Ozurigbo an asset that will establish true representation. 

Kelechi Uzomah is media consultant based in Imo State

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