Mixed reactions trail President Buhari’s re-election bid

Okorocha thumbs-up Buhari

Uwazuruike calls for a re-think

Gov.Fayose mocks Buhar

The decision of President Muhammudu Buhari to seek for a re-election in 2019 has continued to attract diverse reaction among the nation’s socio-political actors.

Among the early reactions came from the governor of Imo State, Rochas Okorocha who in a press release authored by his Chief Press secretary,Sam Onwuemedo declares same as a ‘patriotic response to the clarion call of Nigerians of goodwill’.

Continuing,he states that the declaration of the President for a Second tenure would also go a long way to’ reduce the noise of the opposition and take care of the idiosyncrasies of certain elements in the system’.

He went-on mocking some who according to him’ wanted to blackmail him out of going for another term can now find other meaningful things to keep themselves busy’.

On the position of south-east states in the re-election bid of Mr President, Okorocha expressed hope that the zone would cast more votes for the All Progressives Congress(APC) in 2019 unlike what happened in 2015 as the people have come to realization that Buhari mearnt well for the geo-political zone.

Okorocha insisted that the APC has ‘no apology to make because it has done wonderfully well considering the magnitude of the rot it met on ground in 2015 and noted that the antenna of the opposition in the Country will finally be lowered when the campaigns begin and the Party will be showing Nigerians its achievements in the States under its control and at the federal level’.

However, a former President of Aka Ikenga, an arm of Ohaneze Ndigbo, Bar Goddy Uwazuike has challenged President Mohammadu Buhari to come open to Nigerians on what he has achieved deserving his reelection bid.

Quoting Uwazuruike “The constitution guarantees the right to contest for elections. The contestant makes some basic promises. But the basis for recontesting is to continue the good work. In other words, President Muhammadu Buhari will tell us what he has achieved!

“He listed 3 major areas: corruption, security and the economy. He should tell us where his achievements lie in the 3 areas. He can say I have fought corruption with fear or favour.

“That the charges of nepotism and cover up of corruption against his men is not true. He should tell us that the insecurity we felt before has been eliminated. The people are free to go anywhere. No Boko Haram. No Fulani killers, no banditry, no kidnapping.

“He should tell us how our economy is better off now that a bag of rice and a liter of petrol have doubled. In fact our medical services have improved. The children of top politicians school here.

“The promises made to the labour union have been kept. The Independence of the judiciary and the legislature is fully and firmly respected. He must tell us how human rights are respected, how court orders are obeyed. The president has to tell us how investors are trooping in and where they are now. He must tell us how factories are reopening. Freedom of speech? Hate speech? IPOB?” he concluded.

On his own, the governor of Ekiti state,Ayodele Fayose frowned over the announcement warning that President Buhari will ‘kill Nigerians’ if allowed this time. He insisted that the President is not only old to mann the topmost office in the country but, has”bungled the opportunity given him by his woeful performance.”

He said: “Nigeria does not deserve a Buhari as president in 2019. Buhari is old and tired. When people don’t know when to take their leave and say bye, Nigerians will show them the exit door.

“He has done more harm to this country. His ambition is a means by which Nigerians will tell him good riddance to bad rubbish when they boot him out of office. He is an easy candidate to defeat in the poll for he has failed woefully.

“He has failed in all fronts. He has failed in his so-called fight against corruption; he has failed in the economic front. He has not done well in terms of security. People are being killed in large number daily and Nigerians have no confidence in him.

“His declaration today is a slap on Nigerians in the face of what Nigerians are passing through. His government is not only clueless, but in a shambles. He should go home and rest.” Fayose concludes.

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