Owerri Zone members of APC:An open letter to NWC of APC on choice of consensus governorship candidate for Imo state

As stake holders in Imo State Governorship Project and card carrying members of APC, we the Concerned Members of Owerri Zone APC through this platform of open letter want to categorically state the bitter truth that the decision of our Governor Owelle Anayo Rochas Okorocha to make his son inlaw Ugwumba Uche Nwosu, his only choice and anointed candidate for the governorship seat and his determination not to reverse it even in the face of obvious total rejection and vehement opposition by all and sundry is the genesis of all the crises that is threatening to cripple APC in Imo State.

His total disrespect for Imo zoning formular as well as his total negligence of the clarion call to consider one of his own from Owerri zone, Engr. Chuks Ololo, a personality seen by many as a true credible replacement that will also protect his interest has badly degenerated the situation and made the crises to reach its elastic limit. If Okorocha had seen congent reasons with the masses and bow to the pressure  of Imo APC Governorship candidate from Owerri Zone where he has good options like, Ololo and others APC will not be where it is today in Imo State.

As major players in party politics who are deeply concerned about illegalities, rain of violence, manipulations, deception and crises that characterised the two governorship primary elections conducted by our great party and the deep crises it has thrown the party into, which resulted in disagreement, protracted dialogue for harmonization or consensus candidate, we consider it appropriate to chose this medium of open letter to communicate our decision and by extension the opinion of majority of the good people of Imo State on consensus governorship candidate for APC in Imo State. We are not working for any aspirant, we are working for the interest of Owerri Zone.

The National Working Committee of APC should use their veto power to drop Uzodimma and Nwosu, the choice of anyone of them means approval of Orlu Zone to Orlu zone governorship agenda, which is vehemently opposed by many in the state, including Orlu Zone Elders Council.

Without mincing words, there was no election by the Ahmed Gulak led election committee for Imo State.There was also no election that produced Uche Nwosu.

A state electoral committee chairman who addressed the press and the aspirants around 830/ 9pm and asked the aspirants to submit list of their agents from that night to latest before 730am the next day, failed to collect such list because he disappeared and announced Senator Uzodmma winner from Abuja, in  an election he failed to conduct. His action failed below expectation and is equal to a day light robbery. To declare result of an election he did not stay to receive list of agents from the aspirants is also a rape of our democracy  and abuse of electoral principles.

He has no reasonable reason to justify the illegality of his action, he  ridiculed the image of APC in Imo State. A Senator that recently defected to APC from PDP and conspired to champion illegality shows he has come to destroy APC.

Considering the public image perception of the senator, NWC of APC should know that Senator Uzodimma may not be an ideal personality to present to Imo people as governorship candidate because of perceived poor reputation and other allegations hanging on his neck, which may be used to further rubbish his perceived battered personality and image of APC during general election if given the party governorship ticket.

Again zoning does not favour Uzodimma and Rochas anointed successor Ugwumba Uche Nwosu because the two are from the same area(Orlu zone)

It is also pertinent for APC NWC to disregard the noise by Barr. Enyinnaya  Onuegbu in defense of Senator Uzodimma, because the senator has allegedly mapped out the sum of Ten Million (N10, 000000) for him to carry out the dirty defensive job, which included going to television station, other media  and legal services.

The comments of Enyinnaya in favour of Uzodimma should be totally disregarded, they are efforts in support of illegality from a man who has allegedly soiled his hands. what an illegality from a legal practitioner? Enyinnaya as a son of Owerri Zone from Ngor Okpala LGA should be ashamed of himself 

Enyinnaya is a well known PDP member in Imo State and  personal lawyer of Senator Arthur Nzeribe. He is playing a written script, APC should be careful with him and his Uzodimma project.

It is pertinent for national leadership of APC to apply the wisdom of Solomon now for a better solution by looking towards Owerri Zone.

APC NWC and the committee set up to resolve Imo APC electoral crises  should sensitively note that those who signed and supported the brazen illegality by Uzodimma, which included Prince Eze Madumere, Jude Ejiogu, Eche George, Ggbujie and Nlemoha have tactically and indirectly by their body language and signatures withdrawn from the governorship race. They should not be part  of any negotiation for harmonization or any arrangement for consensus candidate because on Hope Uzodimma they stand. 

With clear understanding that the congratulatory message of Imo Deputy Governor Prince Madumere to Senator Uzodimma after the charade called election and signatories of five others like, Anozie, Ejiogu, Gbujie, Nlemoha and Eche, who supported the senator, clearly means they have conceded defeat, they should no longer be in the race because they embraced the illegality  played out by Uzodimma.

Again the election that produced Ugwumba Uche Nwosu, Governor Okorocha' inlaw and anointed successor was also another clear day light robbery, it was marred with irregularities, there was rain of violence which forcefully compelled Engr. Ololo, the only aspirant who appeared prepared to participated in the contest to withdraw his supporters due to rain of violence.

Obviously, it is undeniable that the the last Primary Election was organised for Nwosu, with Nwosu and by Nwosu, they attacked and chased Ololo and his supporters away.

In view of the ugly situation on ground and how things have degenerated due to brazen illegality manifested by Nwosu and Uzodimma during a charade called primary election, the parallel candidates should be disqualified.

Also in view of the heavy pressure for a governorship candidate of Owerri Zone extraction, Uzodimma and Nwosu who are from the same Orlu zone with the incumbent  governor, Owelle Anayo Okorocha, should be disqualified because their zone has enjoined the governorship seat for almost 16 years.

It is said that when two elephants are fighting the grass will suffer it, the two elephants in this fight are Senator Uzodimma and Governor Okorocha, the suggestion and solution is that the two should step aside to end the crises in Imo APC. Again, other aspirants who supported the illegality by Uzodimma should also step aside with him.

In consideration, the national leadership of APC should focus on Engr Chuks Ololo, the only aspirant from Owerri Zone that did not support the illegality of Uzodimma and Nwosu. The people of Owerri zone are well pleased with his action, he has shown to be the only one truly projecting and protecting Owerri governorship interest in APC.

As it stands now, if Okorocha bows to pressure to drop his controversial choice of Uche Nwosu, frankly speaking APC needs a candidate the governor will surely find a place in his heart to support, his factor as a powerful and influential seating governor cannot be over ruled.

It is note worthy to state that the committee set up to handle primary election matters for APC governorship aspirants in Imo State should shun sentiments, blackmail against the likes of Ololo because of any perceived  proximity to Okorocha, they should operate with the understanding that Rochas is a big factor and outside Nwosu, the next choice that will make him not to fight is Chuks Ololo. 

It is an indisputable fact that Engr. Ololo is the only choice that will make Governor Okorocha not to fight and if Owelle can sheath his sword because of Ololo's choice, APC  has won over 80 Percent of the fight, peace will reign and the party will be well positioned to contest and win Imo governorship seat. 

We the Concerned Owerri Zone Members of APC will also support our own because of the interest of our zone.

Yes it is a well know fact that Governor Okorocha has not Supported Engr. Ololo's political ambition right from the time he contested for House of Representatives election including his governorship ambition but he has not also drawn a battled line against him like he did to others.

It is obvious that Owerri Zone as the second largest senatorial zone in Imo state  has mounted unbearable pressure for next Imo State governor of Owerri Zone extraction, if Ololo is considered, the generality of Owerri zone indigenes will not reject their own and there is clear evidence that Governor will not sabotage him during general election.

Finally for the avoidance of doubt we want to state clearly that we are not sponsored by Ololo or any of his fans, we were fully convinced and persuaded by his focus and  determination in the race without supporting any of the parallel candidates from Orlu Zone that means he is a real son of the soil, ( ezigbo nwa afo Owerri)  He has proven that he is the only  true Owerri man in race for the interest of our people.

As Concerned Owerri Zone Members of APC with full and undiluted interest in our zone at heart, we  regretted to see that other governorship aspirants from Owerri zone backed out in support of Orlu to Orlu zone governorship Project due to alleged financial inducement, but we were also pleased to observe that  Engr. Ololo is the true and only governorship aspirant in APC standing for the zone, in the interest of our marginilized zone we decided to support him without any financial inducement and in disregard to sentiment by enemies of our people.

If this American trained, certified engineer and seasoned administrator who has not been supported by governor Okorocha without consideration to the so called family closeness,  he has been sidelined by those opposing the governor in Imo State APC. In the face of all these, he has remained focus and firm in his ambition which is favourable to Owerri zone, he deserves our undiluted support and the massive support of our people. As it stands now the die is cast our concern and care is Imo  APC governorship aspirant from Owerri Zone, which Ololo appears to be the only true aspirant remaining for our people.





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