2019:Fight evil politicians with your vote - Diribe

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The State Party Chairman of Grassroots Democratic Party of Nigeria,GDPN,Hon Ben Diribe, maintains that the voting of the electorates is that weapon at their disposal towards dislodging evil and 419ners masquerading as politicians from the Imo Political space in 2019.

Deribe insists that the real development yearned by the populace could only take root with sanitization of the political system and called on the people to take a determined and principled stand

He disclosed this while speaking with some journalists recently in office stating that the bane of development in Imo State is that the people have never very good background checks on those putting themselves out for political position with the result being the election of people of questionable character. The Party Chairman went further to state that “since 1999 a lot of evil people, 419ners and ritualist found their way into governance and the state has suffered greatly as a result”.  

Further,he revealed that until Imo people identify these leopards in sheep clothes during political era, it will be another disaster and missed opportunity come 2019.

According to him Imolites were being deceived as the listened to only what they want to hear, and the showy display of impressionistic structures.The truth as put by him remains that you cannot fool the citizenries at all times.

Deribe went on stating that the people have woken up from their slumber, looking at what happened in the Ward and LGA Congress elections of All Progressive Congress (APC) election is a good signal of what to expect ahead 2019 general elections.

The GDPN Chairman, also said that “Gov. Okorocha’s boost and counter boost failed because Imo people has seen the anus of the palm wine tapper and even the “Ohaji thugs failed in their bid to do what was expected from them, resulting in Gov. Okorocha’s being knocked out in round one of the boxing bout by the Allied Forces within his party, what a disgrace”.

He concluded that the APC congress should serve as an eye opener to Gov. Okorocha realising that the Holy Spirit, the presence of the Almighty God has departed in APC and that nothing good will come out of them again.

Diribe advised Imo people to rally round GDPN and also to be on the watch to ensure that these evil politicians or those they sponsor never come near leadership of Imo State.

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