Okorocha lamphoned over choice of son-in-law as successor


… as okereke declares choice as atempt to cover-up fraud

...allege Okorocha as suffering from complex.

…says Ohakim is a weak leader

The former National Chairman and two- time Presidential Candidate,African Liberation Party (ALP), Osita E. Okereke has taken a swipe on the governor of Imo State, Owelle Rochas Okorocha for trying to foist his son-in-law as his replacement in 2019 Imo gubernatorial race.

The Political chieftain waved the idea off describing same as futile and dead on arrival.

He insisted that Rochas Okorocha must be a confused man to even imagine such a stupid idea in a state as sophisticated as Imo State.

According to Okereke in a statement made available to press, Imo state had always been bigger than the likes of Okorocha and his clownish character and attitude to governance.

“When Rochas Okorocha picked his ‘errand boy’ and former Chief of Staff, Eze Madumere, to replace his impeached Deputy Governor, Imo people, although never liking the idea of bringing a green horn, inexperienced, and untested hand, to such a very sensitive position, had let that go by because it was his prerogative to do so as a sitting governor”. Others had dismissed him as suffering from inferiority complex – maybe he was scared of working with experienced individuals,he said.

 Continuing, Okereke said “The touting of his son in-law as next governor of a state like Imo that has abundant human resources with rich experiences in politics, administration, human capacity development, and versed in every field of human endeavour, is not just ridiculous but senseless.”

“Rochas is a man who lacks sense of good judgment and priority value. He shamelessly put a statue of Jacob Zuma of South Africa in a very strategic position in the Imo state capital, Owerri, and school children keep asking their parents who that stature is. Of what importance could Jacob Zuma’s statue serve in the state where nothing is known about him?

Rochas did not make Mbakwe’s statue as memorable for his excellent leadership development of the old Imo state when the present day Abia and parts of Ebonyi States were in Imo state,Or the statue of any of the celebrated illustrious sons of the state, but spent the state’s scarce resources to hoist an effigy that meant little or nothing to the people – mostly the children, as the younger generation – who now ask questions as to who that sculpture represented.”

Also Okereke said “I don’t think it will happen in Imo state. Rochas should thank his stars that he was lucky to have become a governor in the state because he had played into former President Goodluck Jonathan’s gullibility.

You should bear in mind that Imo state is the most intellectually acclaimed state in the whole of the former Eastern region. There are things one should not just bring along in Imo state. We are very informed people and we know how best to handle people like Rochas Okorocha and his ilk who attempt to undermine our capacity to do things.”

He maintains that, “Rochas became governor of Imo state because Ohakim was a very weak governor who made silly mistakes. If not so, there was no how Rochas could have been governor of Imo state. He did not even win the last governorship election and he quite well knows this fact. He also knows that he could never ever win any election in Imo state again.

So his plans to put a puppet in place so as to cover up his fraud, bad deeds and, also, further his Senatorial ambition has already crashed, because encouraging that young man and his own daughter to their disgrace, confusion, and making of more enemies for themselves at this early stage of their lives is quite unfortunate.

Rochas has complex and he does not seem to want to get out of that box in a long time to come.”

“His recent misadventure at ‘forgiving’ and recommending for ‘amnesty’ criminals who took part in the gruesome murder of new year eve worshippers in Omoku, Rivers state, is the most demeaning, unthinkable, irresponsible, senseless, and inhuman thing ever to be done by any person who occupied a sensitive position as a state governor – and then, we are talking of a state like Imo that has not just cordial but brotherly relationship with Rivers state.

Imo and Rivers states share not only common boundary but also blood relationship along the Egbema axis.

Sometimes Rochas would act like a demon possessed man. But what Nigerians do not know is that he is preparing those criminals as his political thugs for 2019. He plans to use them to force his little son in -law on Imo State. Well, he would soon learn some bitter lessons about the state he came to rule by accident” Okereke concluded.

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